Friday, September 4, 2009

~complicated days~

alhamdullilah, finally wednesday were gone around.It hard for me turn the face towards on that days with having the 2 of most important things in my life. Alhamdullilah, thanx god for blessing me on that days wif calmly. The first things for my interview on the most important to i get becoming a lecturer collage.It hard, but i'm trying the best. although i not get for this scholarship, at least i get the enough experience for interview and teaching times.!I love it..doddery wif the white board and marker pen and the questions panel ask. i'm not getting enough energy for this. The questions that they ask is not prepared. But i'm trying wif confidentially.

Not enough wif this interview. i have economic test.Nak mampus jwb.Susah giler puan bagi test. Adoi..da la x sempat.Mase bagi ciput sgt..Susah2..ape la nsb aku.Jgn la dapat rendah sekali.Malu rase..

umph..tu je kot aku nak crite.Xde ape sgt life same likes goes past. xde yang menarik sgt.So far..ok la..

and sekarang..da x jual hotdog n dadih lagi.Hbs mate pencarian idup ku..

hehee..its ok..bagi laluan untuk terawih ye..bye.!!

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